I gave a talk at Wordcamp Boston 2013 titled Git for Five Year Olds. It was focused on serving as a Git introduction for people who had never even heard of Git before, or had used it but felt like they might have missed some of the important concepts.

Here are the slides.

Below are some of the resources I mentioned in the talk, and that I find helpful for anyone learning or using Git.

Git Tutorials


Git GUI Clients

  • SourceTree: Really the only GUI I recommend. Free and cross-platform so there's no good excuse to at least try it!

Git Repository Hosting (i.e. Remotes)

  • Github: Great GUI. Costs money for private repositories.
  • BitBucket: Another solid option, and has free plans for private repos. Made by the same company who makes SourceTree.
  • Beanstalk: Mentioned earlier in the deployment section, Beanstalk can also host your repository.