jon heller

I'm a web engineer. Basically that means I spend most of my day problem solving and implementing products on the web.

I currently work at the amazing Upstatement in Boston, MA. Before that I was at the ad agency a&g. I started a consulting agency, Adaro , along with my wife, for occasional freelance work. Years before that I got a master's degree in computer science from Villanova University, and a bachelor's from UMass Amherst.

I enjoy speaking and teaching. Here are a few videos of WordCamp presentations I've done.

I've been lucky enough to have the chance to work with some really talented people and great clients. Here are some of my favorites.


I helped build a vending machine that quizzed you about soup. I worked on the touchscreen interface, learning Angular and Laravel to build a quiz app. I also learned that condensed soup was invented at Campbell's in 1897.

Horizons for Homeless Children

This was a WordPress site I did all the front-end and back-end work on. It was awesome to make a site for a place with such a great purpose. The "viewfinder" interface on the homepage was quite challenging and served as a great lesson in learning GSAP .

Xfinity Watchathon

One of my biggest front-end challenges, a site that was not just horizontally but also vertically responsive, with a grid that maintained a perfect aspect ratio.


I wrote the back-end for the new (at the time) Friendly's site. One fun part of this site was figuring out the best way to create seasonal, rotating menus with food and all the related metadata within the CMS. I also loved writing the internal search for ice cream, facing such questions as "would anyone really ever search for a fruit and peanut butter ice cream?"


Much like Horizons for Homeless Children, Caron is another company doing great things: Helping people with addiction treatment. The complication on this site was helping them manage all of their events. Though this site was powered by the Sitecore .NET CMS, we ended up running a WordPress install running a custom event plugin within an iframe.


A WordPress website, with hundreds of products with dozens of metadata fields for each product, that had to be translated into 18 languages.


Their tagline is "mastering complexity", which certainly applied to the very complex arrangement of content types and taxonomies.